Background of World

Since the eras of Stone and Dirt, man has always fantasized about the stars above them. Were they Gods? The souls of those that are lost? Or even worlds staring back and asking the same questions? The cosmos has always existed as the last frontier is mankind’s endless quest to expand and survive.

In the 22nd century mankind first stepped out of their homeworld’s system, into another’s. As the race took it’s infant steps into the unbound Universe, they expected world’s full of bounty and new worlds to call home- cradles for a budding empire that would expand past space and outlive time.

Instead, all man found was destitution and the starving races of the stars. While humans were still learning to master fire, races that had discovered space travel eons before man fought for worlds and means. This conflict was fought over millions of worlds for near the entirety of time, burning civilizations a fistful at a time and grinding the Galaxy into dust.

Man’s dreams were met with dead worlds and war that, unfortunately, followed them home. While mankind saw Earth as crowded and limited, The Races of the Stars saw it as a haven from the starvation and drought that is space. So the Eternal War shifted from distant-unnamed stars to the skies of Mars and Jupiter, just above the heavens of Earth for all of humanity to witness. Earth became a battleground.

Dreading enslavement and their own doomed future mankind entered the war as well, desiring only to keep their one true home.

For six-hundred generations of man the civilizations of Earth, new and old, would fight in a war that would burn and sink the world into chaos. Nations, allegiances, and identities would evolve and shift continually through this destructive era.

When it seemed that existence would forever be a tale of carnage and the starvation of war, the world re-discovered its long lost companion- peace. A battle in the wastelands of what once was North America ended in a sudden stop as what was described as a “pillar of heavenly light” lit up the sky and shined down on a single soul. Standing below the figure was a young Eldriv soldier that would leave the battlefield telling stories of a vision given to him by the “Starfather”. Religion, an archaic device that had long been lost to the warring races of Earth would bring them together under one banner and end a war that had been endless by definition.

The Eldriv soldier would become be called “Prophet” by those that hungered for peace and followed him in earnest. During his lifetime, stability would be unearthed from the ashes, borders would be drawn in the broken mountains, and no child would be born to live and die only knowing war.

Two hundred years after the Prophet aligned the races of Earth; the Eldriv, Humans, Poterans, Vaspers, and Ildervarin; the fragile peace that has been gained is at risk as the ancient pursuits of empire return.

Background of World

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